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Shower Door Parts

Author: Date:2011/11/24 11:36:58

All homeowners should familiarize themselves when it comes to shower door parts.  Your shower enclosure or door is one of the most used item in your home.  So when it’s time to replace or fix your shower door parts you want to be able to do it easily and fast.

Over time a shower door will eventually need certain parts to be upgraded or replaced.  You will first need to determine what type of door you have installed before going out to buy shower door parts.  Each manufacturer will have different shower door replacement parts that can only be used on that brand.  If you try to install shower door parts or hardware that are not compatible with the brand then you could damage your door.

One of the first thing to look for is the which type of shower door you have in your bathroom.  The two main types of shower doors are a framed shower door or frameless shower door.  Each of these types of doors will require different shower door parts.

A framed shower door can be of two different types.  They can be of the hinged type or rolling.  Each of these types might need different types of shower door parts.  These can include hinges, handles, seal, sweeps,  knobs, rollers, gaskets, shims, guide, and other shower door parts and hardware.

Frameless shower doors do not require as many shower door parts compared to framed shower doors.  The door parts are installed directly onto the glass.  But you should know that this can be make these types of shower doors more weak since they do not have any sort of framing.  A frameless shower door is available in various styles.  They can be from your standard angle types to more complicated neo angle shower doors.

When it’s time to buy shower door parts you will be faced with many choices.  Most of the shower door parts are available in many styles and finishes.  You can choose from simple designs all the way to high end coated shower door part to meet  your needs.  Just about every door part from the shower door handles to hinges come in all sorts of various material.  You can choose from brass, stainless steel, satin, as well as other combination of materials.

Investing in the right shower door hardware can not only impact the look of your shower door, but also how it performs.  Becoming familiar with some of the basic door parts such as drip rails, caddies and pulls can make installation of shower doors so much easier.  Since most of the doors will be available in kits that include all the shower door parts you don’t need to purchase additional parts for it.  However, in case you want to upgrade or pursue other options then you can search online for various types of hardware and replacement parts.

Shower door parts can be now be customized to not only meet your needs, but also to fit your decor.  With a vast option of replacement shower door parts you should have no problem in replacing your parts for your bathroom shower doors.